about port of hope
A captain once said to me, "You are the only one who visits our ship. I have pleaded at other ports for them to send someone, but no one comes."

A seafarer's life is always lonely, often boring, sometimes dangerous and occasionally terrifying.

Port of Hope Ministries exists to glorify God by bringing the care and compassion of Christ to these fantastic international seafarers.

We help lift their burden of loneliness and boredom, listen to their stories from home and to their hurts and worries. We build the spirit of the seafarer with encouragement and words of hope. We encourage morality and integrity in their personal lives. We strengthen their spiritual character and when appropriate, share our faith in Jesus Christ with gentleness and respect.

Port of Hope Ministries maintains the high tradition of Christian charity and ethics as it serves everyone without regard to race, nationality, rating or rank, religion or personal lifestyle. These activities are conducted to the highest of ethical and professional standards.

While it is our desire for all to know Jesus Christ as their saviour, we realize everyone has a right to beliefs they hold dear. Therefore we first encourage faith in God, and when it is timely and appropriate we will present Jesus Christ as Saviour with respect and courtesy.

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...building strong Christian seafarers.