chaplain Darrio Henriquo
georgetown, guyana

Guyana is a maritime country. Its economy depends on a steady flow of imports and exports through the seaports.

Though the country enjoys the benefits of international trade, people forget that each of these ships has a crew of men. Crewmen from the Philippines, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and even Guyana, arrive daily at the Port of Georgetown.

The world may forget them but God has not. He loves them and has written their names on the palm of His hand. He has watched over them as they've sailed toward Georgetown. But how will they know of His love for them unless someone tells them?

Rev. Darrio Henriquo is the chaplain at the Port. God brings men from around the world to him. He has the privilege of meeting them and serving their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Through acts of kindness and words of counsel, they hear of God's love, forgiveness, peace and hope. He also has a ministry to the port's security guards.

Chaplain Darrio's vision: "the hope of Christ in Guyana's ports."

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