our strategy
We cannot visit every ship.

Therefore we choose specific vessels that
~ regularly return to our port and
~ build a long-term presence on each vessel so we can
~ build strong, ongoing relationships with seafarers.

We deliberately go to ships where we face
~ the fewest language obstacles and
~ the least cultural resistance so we can
~ openly serve the practical and spiritual needs of all seafarers,
~ present Christ in an appropriate and respectful manner, and
~ seek out and encourage Christians.

While onboard:
~ We extend genuine care and compassion
toward all crewmen. We give respectful emotional, physical, and spiritual care regardless of their rank, social position, nationality, personal beliefs or lifestyle.

~ We build relationships with individual seafarers
because we hope to meet many of then two or three more times. Those relationships lead to honest conversations about life, families, work, our own struggles, values and faith. Sometimes talking about faith leads to a timely and appropriate opportunity to share our faith story, Christian life-values, the many messages of Jesus Christ and Him as Saviour...always done with respect and courtesy.

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...building strong Christian seafarers.