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Port of Hope Ministries is a faith-based charity.

Every dollar we spend is provided through the generous support of individuals, churches and businesses. It is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the USA (Tax ID #02-0590228) and a Registered Charity in Canada (Charity BN Registration # 86087 9808 RR0001). Donations are generally tax-deductible.

Donate Online

                      US donations can be made through Vanco Payment and PayPal.

                      We prefer you donate through our partner Vanco Payment Solutions.
                       - Scheduled electronic giving assures your monthly gifts are sent effortlessly
                       and on time. No check writing...no stamps.
                       - Gifts can be easily directed to specific Port of Hope Ministries projects.
                       - Ministry income is stabilized because we can plan on your gift each month.
                       - Vanco saves us valuable time. We can do ministry, not banking.
                       - It assures greater accuracy in processing donations.
                       - Donations are recorded and deposited for us.

                        To donate through Vanco Payment Solutions (preferred)

                        US PayPal. The upper DONATE icon will lead you to
                                        PayPal for Port of Hope in the US in US dollars:

                           Canadian PayPal. The lower DONATE icon will lead you to
                                        PayPal for Port of Hope Canada in Canadian dollars:

Donate by Mail

                                Port of Hope Ministries        
                                Box 1900                                        
                                Sumas, WA 98295-1900

                                Port of Hope Ministries, Canada
                                Box 621                
                                Fort Langley, BC V1M 2R9

Please consider using electronic giving for monthly donations and special gifts.

Electronic giving helps assure we have funding every month. It also saves us hours of administrative time...time we can use for ministry, not paperwork.

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