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...building strong Christian seafarers.
you can help us in many ways

Matched corporate giving
Port of Hope Ministries in the USA is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization (Tax ID #02-0590228). See if your company will match your gift to Port of Hope.

Port of Hope Ministries Canada is a Canadian Registered Charity (Charity BN Registration # 86087 9808 RR0001). Your company may be able to make matching gifts to Port of Hope Ministries Canada.

Host a fund-raising event
Create an event as big as an organized event, such as a walk-a-thon or as small as a one-person fundraiser. We'll help you with information, personal phone calls and whatever else we think up.

Amazon Smile
Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price to Port of Hope for any item you purchase through smile.amazon.com that is linked to Port of Hope. Sign up for Amazon Smile and make Port of Hope your designated charity.
Follow this link https://smile.amazon.com/ch/02-0590228 or click on the banner below.

Give-aways for seafarers
Hunt at garage sales and thrift stores for new or very like-new men's sport shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, plain and hooded sweat shirts, sweaters, light coats, knit caps, sweat pants or gym shorts and new baseball caps.

CDs of country Gospel, praise and worship and contemporary Gospel singers are always appreciated. Good movie DVDs are always welcome. And we need wholesome books, can be Christian books or books by famous authors. Also, study Bibles from publishing houses (rather than by a particular preacher).

A couple baseball or softball gloves and some balls would be interesting….

Gift in kind
Contact us regarding the donation of items valued at over $75.

Introduce Port of Hope to some friends
You likely know people who are wanting or needing to donate to a charity or ministry. It may be a regular donation or a onetime gift. Share our ministry with them and ask them to consider helping us.

Present our ministry
Present Port of Hope to your church mission committee, Sunday school class, care or home group, the people you meet with for coffee, retired Navy vets or people who have worked on merchant ships. Let them know what we're doing and see where it goes from there. Generate some interest…you never know where it will lead. We always have projects.

Serve as a director or chaplain
We need active participation. Directors do not need to be located in one place. We need a chaplain in British Columbia. Or are you near a port that has no outreach to seafarers?

Contact us for any of these possibilities.