men of peace    

We serve men who love and devoutly follow the great world religions. Every man's faith is dear to him. Most would die for their faith. But a man can only know the God of Jesus when he knows his own God. Only then can he change his heart. That's why we strive to become "Men of Peace" with seafarers.
This is why we go to "repeat vessels." It takes time to become Men of Peace. We let them explain their beliefs and we respect their faith as their intelligent decision. We listen and learn from their spiritual journeys. We exchange thoughts and ideas about life, spirituality and God. We encourage each other in basic faith, morality and integrity and allow them to teach us. We are friends, free to share our heart.

Then, following the example of Jesus and Nicodemus, we share Christ...friend to friend to a listening heart in an appropriate, timely and respectful manner…man to man and heart to heart as Men of Peace.

And we look forward to talking, "messaging" and meeting again as friends and fellow "journeymen."
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